The late rapper Tupac Shakur‘s is making big time headlines with a sex tape from the 90’s that has just recently surfaced. In the sex tape it is said that Tupac is at a house party where there’s a bunch of groupies craving for his attention. He walks in with pants down to his ankles and no shirt. He picks a girl from the bunch and pulls her towards him, quickly she begins to perform oral sex on him.

While the groupie gives him head, Tupac is said to be dancing and singing a long to a never before heard Tupac song. He’s also, smoking a blunt and having a drink. At some point he also, strikes up a conversation with Money B from Digital Underground, and through all this, this groupie never stops sucking his cock.

There’s speculation that there might be a second sex tape since the first sex tape, the one that will soon flood the world wide web, ends as Tupac looks ready to fuck his groupie that’s been servicing him as he danced, sang, conversed, smoked and drank.

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