Erica Langston premiered in Season 5 of the reality TV show “The Bad Girls Club: Miami”. It’s been reported by Bunim/Murray Productions, “The Bad Girls Club” is Oxygen Network’s highest rated series. The premier of “Bad Girls Club 5: Miami” gave the Oxygen Network its biggest ratings to date.

Erica was consider to be the more boring and even lame of the girls during the series. This was because instead of parting with the rest of the roommates she stayed shacked up with new boyfriend Adrian the majority of the time. The two meet while the “Bad Girls” was vacating in Jamaica. It wasn’t till the end of the series that Erica finally let loose and started showing her true colors and lived up to her name “The Trash Talking Cheerleader.” Erica and Adrian have recently sold a sex tape to TMZ that is scheduled to be release before Christmas. However, Girlfriend Revenge got their hands on exclusive Erica Langston Nude of the super hot and thick blond cheerleader. Erica Bad Girls Club Hacked Pics are an absolute must see!